MHI works on behalf of and as a division of PORTFOLIO recognizing, developing, motivating & promoting their models to work internationally whether it be New York, Paris, Milan, London or other major centres such as Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney, Los Angles, Dubai, Hamburg and many more!

MHI was founded in December 2003 by Michael Hooker and Hodi Poorsoltan. Michael with now over 23 years of experience as a booker, scout, event organiser and agency manger in New York, New Zealand and London; and Hodi, 2 decades of corporate experience in marketing, advertising, research & technology in New York and Tokyo.

Between both of them, they bring knowledge and expertise of the industry as well as cultural, artistic and people skills on a global scale. Michael and Hodi travel regularly to most destinations the models travel, to gain firsthand knowledge of the model’s agencies, market, trends, and ever-changing of social and economic conditions of each city.

Throughout the year we also have scouts from New York, Italy, Japan and Paris visit us looking for the next big face to hit their market.